Justice for Alexander Blackman. But shouldn’t Fallon have been in the dock too?

Road To Somewhere Else

Claire Blackman, the wife of Alexander Blackman, speaking outside the Royal Courts of Justice(Photo: PA)

 By Daniel Margrain

On March 28, 2017 justice was seen to have been done at the Court of Appeal in London where the murder case of Royal Marine, Alexander Blackman, was reduced to manslaughter. Back in September, 2015, the Daily Mail reported on a leaked dossier that contained crucial evidence withheld from Blackman’s court martial into the killing of a mortally wounded Taliban insurgent in Afghanistan.

Military chiefs solely blamed Blackman for the killing. However, the report into the incident says that his over-stretched unit was being pushed to be too aggressive; that his senior officer was not prepared for the demands of the war zone and that there were signs that Blackman’s unit was cracking up. All these things, the leaked report says, were missed by commander’s.

If not for the investigative…

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One thought on “Justice for Alexander Blackman. But shouldn’t Fallon have been in the dock too?

  1. This was an emotional case, and it really stretched my thought process. On one hand, the soldier did not appear to be disturbed, from the short video evidence. Some argued that this made him no better than the insurgent he killed, thereby demeaning the reason for our troops being there in the first place.
    But I have relatives who have served in the military, and can understand the emotions at such times, and the stress placed on people during battles. I have never been in one, so would never presume to judge those that have.
    But compared to the ‘collateral damage’ inflicted on helpless civilians by the use of bombing and shelling, then this case should never have even got to court in the first place.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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