#AprilFools! Most important tool when moving to new house. #humor

Barb Taub

I have a daughter who speaks fluent Engineer. Sadly, she’s not here as I’m moving to a new house and staring at the little androgynous furniture assembling figures miming how to assemble the flat packs. Or how to to build the next renewable space rocket. I really couldn’t tell you which.

So while I try to figure out my new window covering installations, there are three things I’m thinking about:

  1. What time is it in New York, and how much would engineer-daughter mind being woken up in the middle of the night to translate furniture-mimes?
  2. Are window curtains and blinds actually just an artificial construction of the bourgeoisie? And if so, what would be so bad about going old-school (sheets tacked to bathroom/bedroom windows) or no-school (new neighbors get to know us VERY quickly…)?
  3. Which box has the corkscrew?

Meanwhile, I can’t help a repost of this blog from last time I…

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3 thoughts on “#AprilFools! Most important tool when moving to new house. #humor

  1. I assert that moving is more stressful than divorce, and I have been divorced twice! I once moved three times in eighteen months, and thought it would actually kill me. When we moved here to Norfolk, I resolved never to move again unless we won the lottery, and could just leave everything behind.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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