Want to write a #Thriller? PLUS #RBRT #Bookreview: The Planck Factor by @debbimack #TechnoThriller

Barb Taub

You want to write a conspiracy thriller?

THRILLER:   noun—A novel, play, or movie with an exciting plot, typically involving crime or espionage.Oxford Dictionaries

Here’s a checklist to get you started on your future bestseller.

  1. Start with a thriller intro scene that’s plenty…er…thrilling. Gory murders work well here, but kidnapping adorable young children is also acceptable, especially if they cry for their mothers.
  2. Next butchered bodies should start popping up, but local cops/spies/amateur detectives/teenage cheerleaders living over a hellmouth/superheroes/little old ladies with cats can’t figure out what’s happening.
  3. Only your reluctant hero can put the pieces together. And s/he better get truckin because their Dark Moment is looming.
  4. Your hero enlists the help of a spunky sidekick/reluctant love interest/cat who is, of course, kidnapped by the Supervillain/Evil Corporate Exec/Other Side’s Spies—who turn out to be just as ruthlessly amoral as Our Side/Global Conspiracy/Government Agency.
  5. You’ll need plenty of deadlines, frequently…

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