James Bond and the Dundee connection

shehanne moore

AH and aw in equal measures. Firstly AH because this the long awaited third book in the Hard To series featuring Incy Black’s own special Black ops. Aw, because she says trilogy although I hope that the exciting Freya Dervish will feature somewhere along the line in another book. No pressure there now Incy, just saying. Although I’ve read the other two books in the series, in many ways this book is a standalone.

In true spy honey trap tradition, Will Berwick, secret agent hot and complicated, is asked to seduce the secret of her brother’s whereabouts, from Dr Treherne, ice angel extraordinary. Not the best thing to ask him to do when she’s been evaluating him for months re his suitability to return to service.  Trust me when I say that you just know that in the not too distant future  Angel will be evaluating other aspects of his suitability…

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4 thoughts on “James Bond and the Dundee connection

  1. All new books should be introduced by Russian hamsters and Count Prickula the hedgehog. In my opinion, it would make them much more enjoyable.
    I have been to Glencoe a few times, generally when visiting friends in Fort William, a long time ago. Bit of a punch from Dundee though.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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