Feng Shui for life

Petit Traveler

Most people think of Feng Shui as some New World nonsense, but for people who believe in this actually do see changes in their lives, sometimes quite amazing ones. So, without getting into the complexities of Feng Shui, I will outline some simple steps to get started. Purple is a great color to add into your decor The first thing in Feng Shui is energy. When we change the energies of our homes, we change our lives and ourselves… it’s as simple as that. The second thing to understand is how and why Feng Shui works.How it focuses on your intentions and how it revamps the subliminal messages your house is sending to you. Once you decide that Feng Shui is going to work for you,then you should just go for it.But if are skeptical about this “energy “thing, then begin with clearing out clutter in your house. Maybe once…

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2 thoughts on “Feng Shui for life

  1. I can see the sense of this, but it would mean clearing out all my clutter. I’ve been putting that off for the last five years, but I might think about doing it, maybe tomorrow. Well, I will think about it, at least.
    In the meantime, I have opened three windows. It’s a start…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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