The Writer and The Rake. Chapter one.

shehanne moore

NOW DUDES  THAT IS NOT SO. What’s this then……

The Writer and The Rake. Chapter one the illustrated preview version.  Time Mutants series.

Chapter 1

Present Day. Dundee, Scotland.

If life was what happened as she dreamed, then what a bloody nightmare hers was right now. Flashlights pinged. “Sign this, Ms. Carter,” “Ms. Carter, over here,” “Brit-tany, Brit-tany,” screeched legions of adoring fans.

Some were trampled underfoot as she sashayed up stairs that dripped in red velvet, her carefully coiffed, exotically scented, chestnut hair framing her face, pink lips pouting, figure, slim as an ice pick in the little lime-green number she’d ordered from Saskia’s online. A snip at a thousand quid.

At least, in her fantasies people asked her for her autographs, her fans were being trampled and the dress cost that.

The truth?

Not even a mouse at her book signing in some shitty Scout hall.

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5 thoughts on “The Writer and The Rake. Chapter one.

  1. The Russian hamster is back- hooray! And Count Prickula the hedgehog rocks this post.
    I spent a lot of time in and around Dundee, when previous in-laws lived in Broughty Ferry. An unusual setting indeed. (Hmm…Scotch Pies…yum!)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Oh we live in the Ferry Pete. Small world First lived in the Ferry when we were married first, moved to Newport On Tay–no far– for years, moved back here two years back. The book is only partially set in Dundee and ower the watter as we say–I chose that as I know the places. It is mainly set in High Wycombe also mainly cos, if I had ‘kent’ I was going be asked to write this book, I would have changed the date on the first one in the series so that I could have set it in a more interesting time in the past. The only thing I could find that was in any way interesting of that vintage was the Hell Fire Club and caves. I never have any damned idea where things are going. I don’t plot ever. But I thought right ok I could use them in some way. As it turned out they became back story instead, although Francis Dashwood does appear in one scene. Thank you for the good wishes x

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      1. My first father in law moved there, when he married his second wife. She got a job teaching at Dundee University, and they bought a lovely old house, with a range cooker, and a walled garden. Many happy hours spent there, especially snacking on Scotch Pies. They are both gone now, and I was divorced from her in 1987. Another life…x

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  2. Gosh sounds like it. There are many old houses like that in the Ferry. it was said to have the richest square mile in Europe and we now live tucked away in amongst them which is great. No one knows we are here in fact. AH 1987 we were across the watter by then. At that time we needed a bigger house and the property in Newport…the Victorian wanted. You couldn’t give it away then, whereas we couldn’t afford a bigger house in the Ferry but while my Mr never liked Newport, it was a smart move in terms of house prices, cos obvi that whole scene with old houses changed . Sounds like good times though.

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