It’s Girl Friday

shehanne moore







ham545454577999Okay…Okay…this has nothing to do with love heart jerseys. This is the launch of

girl friday

or maybe I should say….girlfruhana new, regular…I won’t say weekly, I will play it by ear…feature where a spesh author drops by to answer questions on her , sumexy, her daring, her…(ta dah, FANFARE) imagesDDZ02K5U8

heroine.  Oh come on,  we get enough of the sumexy guys don’t we. It’s time to sound it for the galz. DO we write them good or bad? How do we create them? Which do we prefer and why?

Before we kick off though with the first grilling  so happy to be here she’s battering on the door screaming let me out  dancing on the ceiling guest, can I draw some attention to two fabulous writer things? FANFARE…please the Dook.


One is a fabulous interview by Nancy Cassidy, Managing Editor of my publisher, Etopia Press. She shares some great inside tips re submitting to publishers.

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11 thoughts on “It’s Girl Friday

    1. Then they ate the bows and that was the end of them doing these interviews. What we could have is, It’s Savage Saturday or something like that I think. Authors can line up to tell them why they shouldn’t attack their characters and eat their books. x

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