Electricity is Your Friend? (and why you shouldn’t repair the TV yourself)


My Dad was the ultimate ‘DIY’ man. He thought he could fix anything. He could demolish, brick, plaster, plumb, paint, tile – fit a bathroom – anything (given time & a lot of expletives).

The TV went on the blink and we had no money to get it repaired. The TV was our main source of entertainment. He decided to find out how it worked ‘on the job’. He got his insulated screwdriver out a pair of rubber boots & took the back off the TV. He poked & prodded around for a bit.

He refused any advice from Mum about getting a proper electrician or getting a new TV on HP (Hire Purchase). Unfortunately, this was one of the times when Dad seemed to have taken it upon himself to rid the world of the tyranny of ‘pricey electricians’ and fix it himself.

After a quick tea break, he again positioned himself behind the TV and with his insulated screwdriver, poked right into the middle of the TV’s ‘innards’ without fear or a plan, or specifications, lighting up some bits and shutting off others.

Unfortunately, what he had forgotten to do was turn off and unplug the TV.

In goes the screwdriver one more time – ‘BOOM’!! A large bang reverberated throughout the house.

Dad was flung about 8 feet across the room, still clutching the screwdriver.

He collided with the main wall and as there was no way the wall was going to give way, he came to a very abrupt halt. Buzzing and crackling noises could be heard as the downstairs fuse blew. Mum ran over and switched off the plug and then ran over to Dad.

Dad’s hair was sticking up and smoking slightly, like you see on the cartoons. He told Mum he was okay, apart from his heart running like the clappers and he could taste metal in his mouth.

Mum insisted on him going to hospital for a check-up. He was checked over and sent home again, very lucky, but fine. We think the rubber boots and insulated screwdriver saved him.

Mum rang us to tell us what had happened so we went round to see them.

Dad’s hair still smelled of smoke and he was still shaking from the ‘shock’. However, when we spoke to him, (‘Dad, what’s my name? Do you know what day it is? Have you got that tenner you owe me?) He was coherent & knew who we were, what day it was, but was oblivious to the said ‘Tenner’.

This is where our family’s dark sense of humour comes in. We looked at Dad, then looked at Mum & one of us said (can’t remember who, ahem) ‘You were slow Mum – Dad’s insured! Where was the bucket of water?’

We all collapsed laughing, including Dad.

Dad has never touched any electrical DIY work since.

Picture from Pixabay

6 thoughts on “Electricity is Your Friend? (and why you shouldn’t repair the TV yourself)

  1. A lesson leaned indeed. That’s why electricians have to study for qualifications.
    I have studiously avoided all DIY since I was old enough to be expected to know how to do it. My theory is that if you don’t do my job, then I won’t try to do yours.
    I would have liked to have seen your dad after the ‘blast’ though. That must have been funny, once you knew he was OK.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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