Are warning labels impeding the natural selection process?

Hahahaha the two I have spotted are: on a T Shirt – ‘Please remove before washing’ on a packet of peanuts ‘Caution – may contain nuts’

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Folding child stroller copyThere was a time when manufacturers included warnings on their products as a way to provide useful information that could potentially save our lives.

Or, at the very least, our eyebrows and/or stomach lining.

However, at some point, that all changed. As far I can tell, it happened about the same time McDonald’s had to cough-up a McMillion dollars to the lady who didn’t realize that spilling hot coffee on yourself while behind the wheel of a car can lead to a condition commonly known as “The Open-Road Lap Dance.”

Taking a deeper look, that condition is really just an extension of the more common rule known as “cause and effect,” which states:

‘Cause I’m dumb enough to place hot coffee next to the most vulnerable spot on my entire body, I am, in effect, going to do something even dumber by spilling it there. Probably before I leave the…

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One thought on “Are warning labels impeding the natural selection process?

  1. The rise of litigation in society has made this happen. If they tell us not to swallow nails, we can’t sue them if we decide to do just that. One day, it will probably get even worse that this. If that’s possible…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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