Circus Parade – Friday Fictioneers

Sound Bite Fiction

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by the wonderful Rochelle, the undisputed master of what I call Sound Bite Fiction.
She sets the weekly challenge, and the standard.
This week’s photo by Jennifer Pendergast shows an idyllic scene of a park bathed in sunshine, grass, flowers and a child playing hide-and-seek.
What can possibly go wrong?
The idea, as always, is to write a story of around 100 words based on the picture, below.

© Jennifer Pendergast

Click here to hear me read this 60-second story:
Circus Parade

The circus is in town.
We take two very excited kids to see the parade.
Elephants, dancing horses, clowns in ramshackle cars, great trucks with big cats in cages, all trundling up Main Street.
We meet a friend, she also has two children.
The two women chat while I herd four squealing wriggling whirlwinds.
The three-year old stumbles, grazes a knee.
I try to…

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