Home comforts

Jim Webster


After a while what was once a vague suspicion becomes an outright certainty. Our lambing ewes are far too comfortable. So comfortable that they have no intention of doing anything so socially disadvantageous as giving birth!

At the moment those ewes furthest from lambing are still outside. Yes their diet is supplemented with some concentrate and hay, but basically they’re out there doing what umpteen generations of vaguely selective breeding has designed them to do. They’re eating wet grass in the rain.

As they get nearer the happy event they’re whisked inside and sleep on deep straw under a roof. In an environment where it’s warm, snug and out of the wind. Once they’ve lambed they’ll get a couple of days with the lambs in a small pen so everybody gets to know each other and then, first fine day they’re back out to grass again wondering just where they…

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