Three Wishes – Sunday Photo Fiction


Sound Bite Fiction

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge presented by my old friend Al Forbes.
The idea is to write a short story (200 word max) inspired by what you see in the picture (below).
This week’s guest photo is by the talented Dawn Miller, whose Lingering Visions consistently deliver writing of the very highest quality.
Great to see you here, Dawn.

Click on this link to enter your tale, and to see what others have written.

© Dawn Miller © Dawn Miller

Click here to hear me read this 100-second story:
Three Wishes

And, just like in all the best stories, a genie appears.
I look at the object in my hands.
I hadn’t even realised it was a lamp.
The genie is not quite what you’d expect either.
She is a lovely lady, clad in what might best be described as a belly-dancer’s outfit.
She smiles enchantingly.
Three wishes, Master, she…

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3 thoughts on “Three Wishes – Sunday Photo Fiction

    1. Dear Pete, Do you realise how much fun you are missing by not writing about everything and anything?
      Why not come along to one of the weekly challenges – I do two of them – and give it a bash?

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