Naps help Memory

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 Our Brains are not Designed
to Learn Non-Stop
Sleep is essential for memory & learning

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National Sleep Awareness Week PostMarch 2 – 9

Sleep is more important than you think

Some preschools are still considering the elimination of naptime to fit in more teaching.

According to new studies,
that is probably a lousy idea.

Researchers have already shown that, following a good night’s sleep, facts learned one day are retained better the next, in learners both young and old.

It is looking like midday naps, discovered to be essential for brain development in infants, perform the same memory-enhancing function for toddlers and young children as a good night’s sleep for teen and adult learners.

Naps appear to help memory and learning

A study published in PLOS ONE suggests that a little snooze…

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One thought on “Naps help Memory

  1. Usually, although with N-24 (my sleep timing disorder) I am awake more hours than the average bear, once I fall asleep it’s for an 8-hour stretch – more at times when my chronos have gotten off-phase. Since I sleep very deeply, practically immediately, I rarely hear alarms or other sounds that might help me awaken intentionally. As a result, incorporating a nap is very tricky for people like me. But it sure is looking like it would be great if I could manage to figure out how to do it.

    I hope this article will encourage people with so-called “normal” sleep rhythms to experiment with midday naps of short duration. More to know and more to come on this subject, so I am really grateful for your reblog of my intro to the topic. You’re an angel – thank you so much for your support of my work.

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