A light like no other. 

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

Such a light far in the distance gives my heart hope that the sun will shine on this lost soul once again.
As eachday I’m greeted by the kindness of strangers Ive known for years, yet never met. Grateful indeed am i for these angels by my side. It is your strength that gives me hope upon my darkest of days and lighte my nights as my demons run wild.
Though I find it odd how a man so blessed can be so cursed at the same time. Each of these diseases cancer and Parkindon’s alike clawing at me like beasts hellbent on my demise. Yet i find eachtime I’m at my lowest you are there. Having been given this life I choose eachday to try and live a life that if taken suddenly from me I’d be proud to say was mine.
Sadly these years have taken their toll…

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