Two Angels and a Black Dog

“Where did we live when we first got married? And what was that glorious long beach we loved on our honeymoon? There is a reason for Julia’s name. I wish I could remember, Dino.”

Silvia looked at Dino’s armchair and felt comfort in addressing him as if he still existed somewhere, that maybe he heard and cared as of old.

The children didn’t understand. She hated the look of sorrow and annoyance in their eyes.

“Nonna,, I’m Martha, mummy’s name is Elise.”

Her confusion frightened her and there seemed there was an ever widening gulf in her recollections.

Her rock. Gone. If Dino was with her she was certain she’d be grounded once again. Over 50 years they shared their lives. Death was a cruel separation. If only she could see him again. His caress. “Mia bella bionda”. He called her that long after she had turned grey.

Now she…

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