The milk of human kindness

Jim Webster


With cattle, especially dairy cows, you tend to deal with them as individuals quite a lot of the time. As you get to know them, you learn their little idiosyncrasies. Some are brighter than others, some curious, some laid back and placid. With sheep for the vast majority of the time they manage to blend into the flock and you tend to deal with an ‘average’ intellect. Admittedly it’s not a very high average, but at least sheep can console themselves that, by and large, they’re smarter than horses.

But at lambing you start dealing with individual sheep, and at this point you realise that the average rather flatters a lot of them.

This afternoon I noticed a ewe had lambed. I could see the two lambs snuggled up under the hedge. So I got the quad and trailer out and went to collect them. They were in a different…

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2 thoughts on “The milk of human kindness

  1. Most of us rarely think about the day to day life of farmers. Even someone like me, living in the heart of a rural farming community doesn’t really think about the everyday toil of producing the lamb I eat, or the milk I drink. Nice to read how this farmer considers his animals as more than ‘produce’ though. I like to imagine that they have some degree of happiness and freedom before the worst happens…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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