Let It Go!

Two Angels and a Black Dog

Picture copyright Disney

Most parents wouldn’t say they love the movie Frozen – especially not when they’ve been forced to watch it 20 times or more.

But I do love Frozen.

Some people have told me that Elsa is a “bad” character because she (accidentally) curses her sister and exhibits frightening behaviour.

I quite like a show that doesn’t present a passive or “perfect” model of femininity (putting aside Barbie-doll looks). Such models are either unattainable for those who admire it, or compel people to try to conform to.

Elsa’s heart is in the right place and the more she can be herself, the more creative and amazing she becomes – losing her destructive elements.

Why should we have a hero without flaws, or only “acceptable” flaws? Don’t we all feel we have failings we’d rather not share publicly (obviously not me, ha, ha). Isn’t it better to show the…

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8 thoughts on “Let It Go!

  1. This was a great post. But Disney (at least modern Disney) always gives me a feeling like toothache in my brain.
    There is something so calculated about it, so driven by merchandising and profit, that I cannot see past all that.
    As for ‘Frozen’, I only wish I had seen or heard it just twenty times. When our grandson was living here last year, it spent days on a loop, until I wanted to pull the DVD from the machine, and cast it like a Frisbee, off into the unknown…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Yes I agree with you but everything gets merchandised these days inc HP. I was surprised by depth of main character and the depth of issues raised. It really captured little girls imagination.


  2. It is quite calculated & I hate when I can see a ‘cue’ for a heart tug scene coming up, but Frozen has so resonated with younger children it’s hard to not love the joy it gives them, so I’m a bit torn.

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