Divine Messaging for Fun and Prophet


“As we see from the Scriptures, it had become a common and proverbial expression that if someone wanted to refer to a prophet, he called him a fool” – Martin Luther

peculiar_prophet I didn’t see that coming…

Nostradamus was such an attention whore.  He scribbled down some vague quatrains, established a certain mystique, and we’re still talking about him today.  He more or less set the standard for 17th Century prophecy.  Thus, nobody remembers his distant relative (on his mother’s side) Francois Michel.  It appears that prophecy might have been a family business, but Francois, a blacksmith by trade, was a little more modest.  That’s the thing about prophecy.  Few are called, and fewer want to be bothered by the whole thing.  I mean, Jonah had to get swallowed by a whale before he went to Tarshish.  Now, I haven’t personally received enlightenment from on high as of yet, but…

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