Follow-up: Damn WordPress App

Just Plain Ol' Vic

Just wanted to do a quick follow-up to my previous post, Damn WordPress App.  This morning I made a couple of comments to the following posts:

  1. Blast From The Past – Mixed Feelings from A Momma’s View
  2. A Sobering Conclusion from Kindredspirit23’s Blog

I used my WordPress app that I just recently downloaded on my new phone and in both instances I did not see my responses to the posts.  Now I did find out yesterday that for one blogger my comments got dropped into spam.

So now I am wondering if something with the app is making my comments go straight to spam?!  Sandra and Scott, would you please do me a favor and see if my comments have indeed dropped into spam?


Why does technology have to be such a pain in the ass at times?!

Image result for facepalm gif


Take Care!


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