Low-Lying Fruit

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By Daniel Margrain

Brutal Disability Benefit Cuts Set To Become Law After Tories Claim ‘Financial Privilege’

This time next month, council tax bill increases that average five per cent will have arrived on the door mats of millions of people. The low paid, unemployed and pensioners with fixed incomes will be among the hardest hit. But there is another group of people – the disabled – who will be hit even harder. This increase will likely push many of the most vulnerable of our citizens over the edge of an already gaping precipice that began widening following drastic reforms to the welfare system that followed the 2012 Welfare Reform Act. Further drastic cuts occurred four years later following the passing of the Welfare Reform and Work Act which, it has been estimated, will have cut nearly £28bn of social security support to 3.7m disabled people by 2018.

What film director Ken Loach described as the “conscious cruelty” of the Tory government seems…

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3 thoughts on “Low-Lying Fruit

  1. Kate I nominated you for a blogger recognition award ❤ Come check out my blog to see your nomination 🙂


  2. In this area, I voted for a decent increase in Council Tax (we had an online poll) in the hope that the Council would not have to implement the cuts in services to the elderly and disabled, policing, libraries, and in many other areas. I saw this as the only option, given the government cuts in funding to regional authorities.
    Then again, this part of East Anglia is the Tory heartland, locally and nationally, so it is hard to trust them to do the right thing either way.
    As for the Blairite back-stabbers who are no better than Tories with cheaper suits, I would dearly love to see them all swept away, and a return to a real Labour Party with genuine Socialist values, and a left-wing agenda. But is that going to happen any time soon? I doubt it. We will have to live with what we have got,keep protesting, and trying to make the best of it. The only way it will ever change is if those who would benefit most from Socialism actually bother to vote for it in the first place.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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