It was through rose coloured glasses…

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

It was through rose coloured glasses that we gazed as we stormed throughlife. A torrent of passion and pain draped in the finest of memories, cut from the cleanest cloth the fabric of time had to offer.

So Pure is the heart that desired love and recieves rejection time and again . Can’t you just see me for who I want be.?

Help me cast away these demons that bare my name from choice wrongfully made with the best of intent.

Do I look so evil that you’d erase my name from history so completely or that I should do same to you…..? Soft feathers fall from the sky as the morning sun drips over the hills,gently touching each piece of the night as she ushers it sleeply off to bed.. Slowly reclaiming the days as her own.

Oh dear mother nature and goddess bound to this earth what does…

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