Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Walking through the art gallery

Pausing to surreptitiously brush my fingers

Across the statues

Breathing in the voluptuous

Figures of the paintings

Like beauties on the beach

All seemingly made flesh

Real – yet not real at the same time

Cold, unforgiving marble Muses

Look down upon their admirers

Like expensive hard hearted escorts

Snubbing the lesser well-off patrons.

While the voluminous warm figures

Of the Bathing Belles glance invitingly

Out from the canvasses with

Promises of kindness and genial company.


© Kate McClelland 2015


Picture from Pixabay

11 thoughts on “Art Gallery

  1. This resonated with me. I always try to touch statues, especially the marble ones.
    We have probably both enjoyed this, perhaps even in the same galleries.
    “surreptitiously brush my fingers
    Across the statues”
    Nice work, Kate.

    Liked by 1 person

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