ADD, ADHD: Real World Superpowers – Ian Hill

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ADD, ADHD:  Real World Superpowers

For Shaun

                 A friend of mine came to me a few days ago, in tears.  She had just gotten out of a parent-teacher conference with their son’s teacher who had recommended they have him tested for ADD/ADHD.  Having grown up my entire life with ADHD, I had a hard time understanding why she was so upset.  She explained that while she loved her child, no parent ever wants to hear that their child has a permanent disease.  Appalled by the notion that I had a disease, I immediately went on the defensive.

Days later the situation started to settle in on my mind.  It had been years since I had looked in on the ADHD community and I was curious as to what new research was being conducted into the field.  Sadly, I almost couldn’t read the research papers due to the terminology…

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