To Each Their Own Trigger

Style is Internal

What triggers you?

Being seen by people my age at school

Talking to people

Being in a small group discussion with nothing to add

Being in a small group setting where everyone needs to say something

Posting a picture on Facebook

Posting a picture on Instagram

Going to physio

Going to a ballet class


Stretching my quads

Not being able to sleep

Picking out a poster

Making an aesthetic choice online

Having intense feelings

When people you don’t know smile at you

Going to a hockey game

Posting anything on social media

When people look at you with lust

Thinking confident thoughts

Being worried about something

Being asked on a date

People telling you that you’re beautiful

People that don’t want to be friends anymore

Someone looking at you with hate

People hanging out without you

Someone asking you to undress (for example, at a spa)

Getting a bad…

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