Dear America

Trent Lewin


Ah America. How are you? My name is Trent Lewin. I’m not a doctor or anything, but I have been known to heal the masses upon occasion. So I turn my attention to you, the confused and the enraged, and I choose to cuddle up with your enormous posteriors to offer advice as best I can. Forgive the gloves. Bend over at your convenience. I think I have to get to know you better to understand all the angst, and that can only be done through a superlative penetration with my Canadian digits. Prepare yourselves.

I’m so rude, but fuck you. What have you done, exactly? We used to fucking love you guys! We wanted to be you guys! Don’t you understand that you have been a shining light in this world, despite your obvious flaws? And now what… you’ve elected this despicable, horrible person as your leader, this tv…

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6 thoughts on “Dear America

  1. Love you like crazy, but I can’t “like” this particular reblog, Kate – rants like this one are likely to make things worse, not better. “Why we hate to change our minds” – still available from my right sidebar, explains why (evidence based). I left a long comment on Trent’s site too.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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    1. Thanks Madelyn. No worries :0) Trent is a very passionate writer and I like reading his take on things but he can be quite ‘raw’ and sweary – which I like the raw energy of (not the actual swearing, but I don’t think it would have worked with this post without some of it being included). I think his total frustration and shock comes over though (if a bit on the strong side).

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      1. Yes, his total frustration and shock certainly comes across. The strong language is not a problem with me — even the cursing is perfectly fine, at least for me. But posts full of censure are not helpful – and they more likely to be HARMFUL.

        Trent may feel better for ranting, but if he joins me in the desire is to see things change, ranting and make-wrong are NOT the way to go about it. They will almost always backfire. [evidence based in many experiments over many years, btw],

        I don’t personalize the global make-wrong, but many will, and that’s the problem.

        If we are to stop this monster (“Agent Orange”), we need increasingly more Americans to stand up and fight *with* us, not be put on the defensive about what they can no longer change, feeling like they must continue to defend their actions and agendas because they’ve been attacked.

        I suppose, living here in America, it is more important to me than to anyone who lives outside our borders (excepting those imperiled who are waiting for Visas). Here, we *really* don’t have the luxury of popping off if we truly want to see CHANGE.

        I am desperate to turn things around, not merely to rant about events as they have turned out, which I certainly cannot accept either – which was also the goal of my prior post “Why we hate to change our minds.”

        America needs to come together and fight for our values while it is still possible to stop at least some of McDonald’s actions. For that reason I feel strongly that I must always object to anything divisive when I come across it, even though I realize I am but one small voice in a wilderness of shame.

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  2. Now that’s a rant! (And a very sweary rant too)
    Not so sure about Canadians myself. I always considered that a lot of them are wannabee Americans, and many others think that they are ‘cool’ French people. Then there are those that still think they are British. A country that has always confused me, to be honest.
    Regards, Pete.

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    1. It most certainly is. I did feel like I had been in the full blast of a ranting ‘wind tunnel’ when I got to the end. Trent is a very ‘raw’ writer. I like reading his take on things and his stories. I could do without some of the swearing, but then it wouldn’t be ‘Trent’. :0).


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