Can Eating Grapes Improve Your Memory?

Grapes eh? Who’d a thought it? :0)

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Pilot study highlights role of grapes
in preventing Alzheimer’s disease
Implications for Memory & Attentional Struggles in Alphabet City

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Edited Reblog from the ClinicalNews blog
Ralph Turchiano on February 3, 2017

Brand New Study suggests Good News!

Grape-enriched diet prevents metabolic brain decline,
improves attention and memory
Public Release: 3-Feb-2017: California Table Grape Commission FRESNO, CA

Consuming grapes twice a day for six months protected against significant metabolic decline in Alzheimer-related areas of the brain in a study of people with early memory decline.

Low metabolic activity in these areas of the brain is a hallmark of early stage Alzheimer’s disease. Study results showed a grape-enriched diet protected against the decline of metabolic activity.

Alzheimer’s disease. as most people know, is a brain disease that results in a slow decline of memory and cognitive skills. Although it’s cause is not yet fully…

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4 thoughts on “Can Eating Grapes Improve Your Memory?

  1. Thanks yet again, Kate. I’ve gotten a few comments about the funding source, but it’s not like the pharmaceutical industry is going to spend money to study something you can buy at the grocery store!

    Hopefully, now that this study has been published, we’ll see some interest from other organizations with deep pockets. The pharmas are probably already testing the effectiveness of the nutrients in-house, hoping to aid the development of whatever they’ve already got in the works for Alzheimer’s.

    But even if it turns out not to be as big a help as it looks like it will be in that arena, as I outlined in the second half of the article, grapes are still considered a “super food” (high nutrient density / low calorie), and there are still many other arenas they DO help manage and mitigate.

    More reasons to eat more grapes! Music to the grape grower’s ears. 🙂

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