Dear Brain

Two Angels and a Black Dog

I thought we were one. Indivisible. That you were trustworthy and unproblematic. I never considered you. You just did your work, like the skin, the bladder, the stomach, the heart. I suppose you see people who have lost limbs, so I’ve been grateful for my limbs. Similarly, I’ve been amazed the way people are able to use their feet like hands, for things like eating, to painting.

No. I didn’t appreciate you. For you were just part of the overall indivisible me that ‘worked’ physically and mentally, operating each day.

I didn’t see anything awry, apart for depression. For how long? But you started clanging away more and more warped with me none the wiser, trusting you to do your job.

You, Brain, spat out data that made no sense at all.

What is it like to lose all trust in your own brain, to have to constantly monitor your…

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5 thoughts on “Dear Brain

  1. This was undoubtedly from the heart, and read as such. So much unknown about the workings of a brain, and so much still to learn. Our brain seems only to allow us to access what it feels is best for us, but on occasion, it allows free rein. Once those limitless opportunities are opened up to us, it is just too much to deal with.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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