CONNECTIONS #BloggersBash Bestest Blog Post Competition The Tree and Me

Wow Ali, great post! I’m a treelover too :0)


The Sacred Tree – na Bílí – is where I made my home, called by a voice unknown, challenged but in the end found worthy. The heart knows when it is home. I pay my respects from a distance, content to wait.

And trees have time to kill.

My life has been filled with trees, from the day as a teen when I missed my train to work because I was so busy writing a poem (Winter Trees) about the trees which bordered the platform, to the day only a few months ago, when I planted the first trees in my garden.

I love them. I admire them. I respect them. I cry when I see one cut down. I feel pain when I see the naked wound of pale, fresh wood.

Trees are tactile. They invite touch. Against my skin, the trunk is cold, hard, unyielding. The…

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8 thoughts on “CONNECTIONS #BloggersBash Bestest Blog Post Competition The Tree and Me

  1. I spend much of my life around trees. Walking with Ollie, I rest on their branches. I admire their spread, think of their history. We have two oaks in the garden that are almost 300 years old. I am merely passing through their long life. Ali got this dead right.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. What a wonderful, thought provoking piece of writing, Pete. It is just mindblowing to imagine all they have seen. You should enter it in the competition, connections between the present and the past. I love it. 😍

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