My Review of the opening episode of the BBC3 Comedy, ‘Fleabag’

Road To Somewhere Else

By Daniel Margrain

Photo: Amazon

There is likely to be nobody who detests the vast majority of what passes for BBC comedy output more than I do. From the unedifying spectacle of Mrs Brown’s Boys to the stupefying banality of Miranda, what the sheer dearth of quality output over the years highlights is the importance teams of writers are to the production of quality comedy. This explains why American comedy’s invariably hit the mark but on the whole, their British counterparts fail.

But once in a while, something extraordinary hits our television screens. I witnessed such a moment the other night thanks to a recommendation from Victor Lewis-Smith. As somebody who appreciates the quirky character-led observational and acerbic comedy canon, I knew I was going to be in for a treat from the opening sequence. One of the early scenes in which the boyfriend of Fleabag creator and star Phoebe…

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One thought on “My Review of the opening episode of the BBC3 Comedy, ‘Fleabag’

  1. I agree with this 100%. ‘Fleabag’ was one of my TV highlights of the last decade, and one of the best new comedy shows I have ever seen. To anyone who has never seen it, I recommend it without reservation.
    (As long as you are fully aware of the bad language, sex scenes, and sexual references that is)
    Good re-blog, Kate. More people need to know about this great series!
    Best wishes, Pete.


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