WordPress: The ‘Annual Report’


Anyone blogging for more than a full year will recall those notifications that WordPress sent out. They told you all about how your blog had done during the past year. How many views, how many visitors, and full statistics. They would mention how many readers would have filled this or that venue, and what your most popular posts had been.

It went on to tell you all about the countries that visitors had come from, how many new followers you had got, and lots of other stuff that was of great interest to anyone really involved in their own blog.

After Christmas, I waited for the report to appear. 2016 had been a busy year on my blog, and I was keen to see the usual comprehensive overview provided by WordPress. But nothing showed up. No report telling me all those fascinating facts. Now January is coming to a close…

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2 thoughts on “WordPress: The ‘Annual Report’

  1. Thanks for the re-blog once again, Kate. It has been confirmed that WordPress are not going to issue these reports for 2016/17 after all. Though they might think about reinstating them in the future.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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