Making it

Two Angels and a Black Dog

Initially breastfeeding was hard work – I was amazed at the size of some of the blisters but by the eighth week we were well and truly settled into demand feeding and I loved it. I loved the physical, the emotional and the practical sides of it. I was fulfilling a lifetime desire to breastfeed.

I had to knock all that on the head. There was no decision to make: I would be either no mother at all as a crazy and delusional patient or I would forego breastfeeding and ensure a stable and settled environment to raise a newborn.

Indeed, as I said in an earlier blog the decision wasn’t made by me, it happened to me.

If only I had considered the potential problems around breastfeeding as I had considered having a safe space for me and my child if I did become unwell. Maybe if I researched…

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2 thoughts on “Making it

  1. My Mum could not breast-feed me, which back in the early 1950s was unusual. Bottle-feeding did me no harm that I can see. I made it to 65, and I am writing this comment. Political correctness is all very well, until it becomes a weapon against those who have no alternative. Then there is no place for it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Thanks for saying that. It must have been so tough for your mum at the time? There’s a real pressure as a mother to be perfect in so many ways when the emphasis should be on a happy mum who can mother well enough. I was devestated I couldn’t breastfeed and having the negative commentary on top was really depressing. But I know I did what was right for us. It doesn’t matter what others think.

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