Guest Post Reblog: Returning Author #Tina Frisco


Author Allan Hudson has kindly hosted me on his blog for a return visit to talk about my new novel, Vampyrie.  I want to thank Allan for his continued support. Please visit his sites and follow, like, and share.

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Tina FriscoThe Scribbler is happy to have Tina Frisco return as a guest this week. She lives in California and is a very generous participant, not only in sharing her thoughts about her own writing as well as advice on being an author. She is a relentless promoter of other authors as well.

This is Tina’s second visit to SBS. She talks about her latest work and shares an excerpt from her novel, Vampyrie. Her first visit can be seen here.

Her links are below.


First let me say that Vampyrie is not your…

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