A Conversation

Tallis Steelyard


It is, apparently, fashionable for one to interview fellow artists. I’ve always been wary of this practice, feeling that perhaps, in some barely understood manner, it pandered to the undistinguished tastes of shallow people. But in our modern and democratic age, it seems that pandering is no longer the social kiss of death that it once was, and so I invite my good friend, Will MacMillan-Jones to step forward to be interviewed.  He is a writer and poet whose books I have read with great enjoyment.

Over to Will.

Ho, Tallis, well met! My friend, compatriot, fellow imbiber of the red muse and brother poet. I trust that today finds you in rude good health, and well provided for (in terms of wine, some newly-baked bread and a little cheese perhaps)?

Excellent, then let us take shelter below the verdant spreading arms of this good tree, rest in its arboreal…

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