What a fantastic lady Gloria is. How wonderful that the children are so kind to her. There should be a lot more ‘Gloria’s’ in the world.

A Teacher's Reflections

Gloria NecklaceGloria is perhaps the kindest and most beloved member of my class.  She has been around for quite some time, and she returned to school this week.  The children were… well, a bit unsure at first.  After all, Gloria is different.  She is terribly shy, and it took some coaxing to get her to look at the children and talk.  Once she did, children were wide-eyed.  They stared- they had never seen anyone quite like Gloria before.  Slowly, each one greeted Gloria by coming forward to shake her hand.  One child looked directly into her eyes to ask why she didn’t want to talk.  Multiple children had conversations and questions.  “Gloria, why is your hair like that?”  “Do you have teeth?”  “Gloria, are you okay?”  Some children gave her a hug and a kiss.  Savannah told her she liked her necklace.  And Gloria told the children all about herself.

Give Gloria…

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