The Liar Inside You

Serenity Talk

Dealing with these issues can drain so much out of your body physically. We spend so much time worrying, we forget the reality of what’s really going on. We have a liar living inside us that tells us “we’re no good”, “we don’t deserve anything”, “I’m a complete failure”. We tend to try and predict the future or read people’s minds and come up with unrealistic assumptions that cause us to not even try!

* I have attached an example of what it should look like below along with a list of the distorted thoughts.

  •  Think of a scenario in the past that made you upset and write down what happened. Be specific
  • Now write down what you felt. Angry? Sad? Anxious? Depressed?
  • Beside each emotion, write down a percentage of how intense it was. Eg: Mad 50%  Sad 75%. Anxious 60%
  • Next, I want you to write the negative…

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