Success and Meaning

Two Angels and a Black Dog

As I said in Introducing Two Angels and a Black Dog, I am indebted to Mum for her constant love and support. Dad found it harder, for, during the time of revolving hospital doors, I went a long way from the values that my parents had taught me. Yet he never turned his back and by the time he died we had made our peace.

The following post is written by Mum, about how she understands my journey and also about her and Dad’s road toward accepting the outcomes of chronic mental illness.

Like most parents, Sarah’s father and I wanted our children to have more opportunities than we had had, to go to university and then follow a successful career.

As a little girl, Sarah was happy and imaginative but a sensitive soul. She would lose herself in the garden, enthralled in her play, conducting the orchestral wind…

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3 thoughts on “Success and Meaning

  1. Nice to read the parental viewpoint (and unusual) for a change. When all is said and done, I believe that the majority of parents just want their children to live happy lives. When they don’t manage to do that, it must make them feel that they somehow failed somewhere along the way. Though of course, they didn’t.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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