Saturday Story Post

the red ant

Just because yesterday’s story was pretty much a fizzle:  As a consolation prize here is a scene from “Valleylon”.

Valleylon is an alien world peopled by humanoids (in fact quite humanoid), of seven planets circling a binary star.  Six of the seven are inhabited by “Vaughhi”, the humanoids whereas the closest to the suns is considered “unhabitable” – a home to dense jungle and wild animals, with temperatures comparing to Earth’s tropics.

More to the point, the Vaughhi have been interfering with humankind for ages, unseen and unheard, by way of abducting humans from Earth and relocating them to Valleylon.  (“Valleylon” is a Vaughhi word and essentially means “home”.  They have been space raiders for  a long time.)  But this time, the Vaughhi are at loggerheads with each other – and their renegade Crown Prince has just set out on his own agenda, defying the governing powers-that-be of the warlord…

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