Psychosis: Part IV – Emergency

Two Angels and a Black Dog

In the morning the front page of the local paper told everyone I was in hiding with my mother.

Mum called a dear family friend, while we sat in the car in the hotel’s carpark, and begged me to speak with her. Without being able to prepare her friend, mum passed me the mobile.

Gabriella was a gem and spoke with me for well over an hour.

In my mind, Gabriella was part of the conspiracy against me to exile me from life. Somehow Gabriella convinced me to go to hospital.

Mum developed severe breathing difficulties and chest pain. I believed They had caused me to accidentally poison her. I drove with intent to the hospital believing mum had only moments to live and that I would be responsible for her death.

I noticed a yellow sports car following us. I weaved through the traffic, crossed a double yellow line…

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3 thoughts on “Psychosis: Part IV – Emergency

  1. You’re welcome. I find it fascinating (if it’s okay to say that?) how the mind can conjure up images that seem real and make you see reality different to what it actually is. It must have been extremely scary. It was a good job you had a couple of people that even in your altered state of mind you could instinctively reply on.

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