Psychosis: Part III – Of Sex and Spies

Two Angels and a Black Dog

After exiting the public telephone box I entered a world of the macabre. A man was doing a ministry of silly walks in the street followed by a crowd laughing and copying. With a sinister laugh a ‘friend’ told me about mobile phone usage and updates about the bomb scare. The bomb scare was real and the building had been evacuated. To my horror I thought it was staged to publicly humiliate me.

I hid at the bottom of the library while Triple J talkback radio told me by allegory and metaphor what a disgusting and useless person I am, who deserves to die.

I looked for messages – yellow sticky notes with ‘significant’ highlights or jotted comments placed strategically in book pages. I wrote paragraphs and lines down furiously in a notebook. There was so much I couldn’t get it all down.

Mum arrived at the airport later that…

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