Parental Alienation

Domestic Violence

Now that I’ve gotten my first blog post out regarding domestic Violence, I can focus on the new subject I have.

Parental Alienation: which is when one parent angry at the other parent, goes about tarnishing the alienated parents name and uses every imaginable tactic to gain hatred out of their children for the alienated parent.

This can be talking bad about the targeted parent to their children, belittling the targeted parent in the presence of the children, telling adult problems they are having with targeted parent to children, telling lies about the targeted parent (such as “they don’t love you anymore or ever did” e.g.), they will go to great extremes to manipulate the child’s feelings towards the targeted parent in attempts to make the children hate, be scared, or stop all contact with the targeted parent. It’s a means to gain all loyalty of children to them and…

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5 thoughts on “Parental Alienation

  1. This goes on, undoubtedly. When my own parents separated in the mid 1970s, my mother often told me things about my father that I would never have known otherwise. Mostly bad things. In our case, it was not important, as i was old enough to make up my own mind. But if I had been much younger, it could have had a lasting impact.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. poisoning children’s minds against a parent is a dreadful thing to do. You should only say something if the actual child is in danger, using a child as revenge is mental cruelty and can damage the child’s own relationships throughout the rest of their lives.


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