Legacy #writephoto

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The phone rang, dragging his attention from the columns of numbers. James glanced automatically at the display as his hand reached for the receiver…and stopped. He’d had enough for one day. He watched the vibrating phone as it rang insistently, staring at it with unforgiving eyes. The damned thing ruled his every moment. He waited. Yes, there it was; the text to please call the office urgently…

For a moment he seemed to stand outside of himself. Was this any kind of life? Constantly at the mercy of telephones and emails, meetings and contracts? Given his own choice he’d have studied art, not commerce.

Looking up from his desk, James gazed at the painting above the marble fireplace. Pale curves caught the last of the evening light. Lithe and lissom, she was nevertheless the skeleton in the family closet. They had never discovered who had modelled for the old man…

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