Domestic violence

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the worst acts that one person can do to another person. Especially by a loved one.

Domestic violence affects more than everyone thinks. I causes harm to everyone that is involved, and that means everyone on the outside too.

Children are the ones most affected by domestic violence. They witness the unspeakable harm done by one parent on the other parent. They watch as horrific acts acted upon another human being.

Some children will stay paralyzed in fear as they witness each beating. Other children might try to interviene as to try to get that abuser parent to stop hurting the abused parent. This only angers the abuser and then that child becomes a target for the abusers rage. Other children lash out in anger as well, being so familiar to the abusers anger, they can’t help but find that their anger helps them as…

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4 thoughts on “Domestic violence

  1. We had an episode of domestic violence in out family that went on for almost six years. It took that long to persuade her that she didn’t need him in her life. But the fallout continues, as well as that uneasy feeling that the issue will never be fully resolved.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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