Change, Growth and Decision Dilemmas

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Decision Anxiety
Another glitch in the Change Management process

© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
Edited reblog from an earlier post, Choices & Decisions

Chocolate, vanilla or tutti-frutti? Early Monday or late Thursday?
This drawer or that one?  Move away or stay put?
Have a baby, adopt a baby or remain a dual-income-no-kids couple?

Avoiding the Agony of Deciding

We each must make a great many decisions every single day.  A few of them we think about consciously and carefully, and some we make quickly and unconsciously – sometimes even really big and important ones.

Since our mental processes are subconsciously influenced by our emotions and memories, more frequently than not we remain oblivious to what really drives those decisions we make.

Then there are the many times we’re thrown into the agony of indecision – even between choices that are actually too small to, ultimately, make much…

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8 thoughts on “Change, Growth and Decision Dilemmas

  1. Thanks, Kate, for this and all your help spreading the Mental Health Awareness word.

    For some reason your reblog notification ping has not appeared yet (seems to be a problem today for more than me). I clicked when I saw the badge from your sidebar and VOILA! As soon as I get the notification from WordPress (if ever ::sigh::), I will approve it immediately.


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    1. Well it DID – in an aggregate notice, “Person x and Kate McC” reblogged ABOUT the Mental Health Writers Guild — with NO way to approve them, separately or together. Checked the trash, the comment admin, stats page, etc.


      To make things WORSE, when I tried to find your reblog (to say thanks) by clicking on your name in the notification, I ended up back here — on a PRIOR reblog!

      NOW I can’t even find it again in my notifications feed – nor have I been able to locate the reblog on your site (the badge image on your “Posts I Like” clicks to the article on MY site).

      Do the WordPress coders EVER test “improvements” before they set them lose to do their worst to our schedules??????? Hold that – already know the answer: NO

      New question: do ANY of them actually blog — on THIS platform?

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