I once went to a writing class and some people stood up at the end to read their stories out we had written. A guy got up and started reading out a story he had written prior to that day (which was a bit of a cheat really).
I thought it was a comedy as it started off with the main character (a man in his 50’s – same as the reader) picking up a promiscuous young lady in a bar after one drink & a ‘let’s go babe’ sentence. He then went into detail about taking her back to his place & her ripping off his clothes etc. I just burst out laughing in front of everyone. It was then I realised it wasn’t a comedy, but some sort of ‘spy’ novel as he went bright red. I just sunk into my seat and bit my lip to stop myself from giggling.


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    1. Aww Pete I felt so awful afterwards. If I had realized he was being serious I would never have laughed, I genuinely thought it was a comedy. It takes a lot of guts to get up and read your own stuff out – I didn’t get up, I was too scared! (I doubt if he will ever forgive me)


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