Psychosis: Part II – Free Fall

Two Angels and a Black Dog

Last post I wrote about trying to keep the chaos together.

Then, suddenly, the world stopped.

Every word I heard uttered was about me. All, that I was a monstrous person. I deserved to die.

At the time I was living interstate. Terrified I called the only person I thought had a chance of helping me. Mum. I called from a public phone. My mobile was being bugged.

‘Are you OK?’ Mum asked.

‘How do I know it’s you?’

‘What do you mean ‘How do I know it’s you’?’

‘How do I know?!’

‘What do you mean?!’

‘What are you wearing?’

‘You know, that blue skirt with the flowers.’

‘What top?’

‘The white shirt. You know. Are you OK?’

‘They’re after me.’

‘What do you mean? Where are you?

You don’t need to know that.’

‘What are you saying? I’m flying to meet you!’

‘How will I know it’s you?’

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