Remembering the only real holiday I’ve ever had, let alone could afford…

lovely photos Jack!

Have We Had Help?

These days the young think nothing of flying away to exotic locations on holiday. Yet when we were their age, neither my generation nor that of my parents or grandparents certainly couldn’t even entertain the idea.

In fact I didn’t have my first proper holiday until 2002, when I was fifty-four. I spent a month in the one place I’ve always dreamt of visiting for as long as I can remember – the jewel of the Mediterranean, the Maltese archipelago.

Until that magical moment in time, the closest I ever got to having a holiday of any kind consisted of going to the beach or maybe a trip into New Zealand’s bush or its mountains and lakes for my annual two-week break. I didn’t have the money or the time for anything else.


Malta has been inhabited for at least seven thousand years. Here are a few pictures of…

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