Mid-Week Muses: “It’s AMAZEBALLS!”

Aethereal Engineer

Mid-Week MusesA weekly compilation of collected microfictions composed by yours truly. If your time is short, these are shorter!

Slapping over Lisa like a wet blanket, ooze 
dissolved skin and hair. Plunging down her throat, 
a wail finished before it started. 
"My spell forces the truth from you! Why do 
you follow me?" 
He pulled a knife and threw it. The assassin 
behind her dropped dead. 
"We're Tyrannosaurs, Ron!" 
He flinched. "The Traveler must ha—" 
"It's AMAZEBALLS!" Sue said as giddy 
as a t-rex could appear. 
Asahi injected the boy, throwing 
him at Tom. 
The chrono-jump started. "It's lethal! 
He'll never conceive you! You won't exist!" 
Joe threw a rock. "The Earth's gone, 
Sana. Why'd they bring us here?" 
She sat down beside him. "A human 
preserve? A fresh start?" 
He descended, cape billowing: An aged god shouldering a locomotive like…

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