Remember These? Warning: Only for the “Old”!


13 thoughts on “Remember These? Warning: Only for the “Old”!

    1. Thanks Tina! We lived in condemned terraced house in a slum clearance area when I was very small, so everything was falling to pieces! There were holes in the roof and the walls where the terraced house attached to ours had been knocked down. We lived there for nearly 8 years until the local authority finally moved us to a house with an indoor bathroom and a garden!
      I can still remember the shock of realising that it was where we were going to actually live!
      Best wishes for 2017 to you, hope it’s all you want for yourself and your family xx

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      1. With such a beginning in life, you must be all the more appreciative of the small things, Kate. We had indoor plumbing but little else. Strange thing is, little kids often don’t miss what they don’t have, as long as they’re fed and loved. Nice to share a bit of the past, my friend. 💖

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