Friday Story Post: Vampolf – 3

the red ant

Hi Bloggies, sorry about last Friday (not exactly a story post).

I had to dig around a little to decide what to post, but eventually came up with this one.


Here are the links to the previous chapters:

  1. Bloody Christmas Eve
  2. Inviting the Devil

And here is the next instalment.


  1. Christmas Morning

Jerry had most certainly not had a drunk party all night on Christmas Eve. So when the noise of his cellphone hit him like a hammer, and he opened his eyes to a splitting headache on Christmas noon, he felt rather cheated. He groped for the phone and realized that half the reason for his aching body was that he was sleeping on the floor, with only a blanket for a mattress. The other half was of course that he’d spent the night stitching up patients and saving lives while others celebrated Christmas.

Bloody hell,” he…

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