Whites vs. Blacks all over again

I have not watched the video, simply because I don’t need to see it to know it’s out there and I find all forms of this behaviour to be abhorrent. All forms of racism and persecution are wrong. I am re-blogging because what you say should be heard.

Troubled Soul

Racism has been frowned upon since like forever, I find it quite ironic how many practice this condemned behavior and receive no punishment whatsoever,I’m shunned for being Arab. Shunned by many and mistreated by most. What’s wrong with being Arab? It’s not my fault I was born on the “wrong” side of the world.
People cringe at the very mention of my cultural beliefs and practices. Terrorism is associated with just about everything I know and believe in, how is this fair?
Don’t get me started on how my religion is now considered the origin of all shittiness and terrorism

Islamophobia is now more common than claustrophobia and what for? A few individuals and misrepresentations of what our religion is about? You can’t punish us all for the unfortunate actions of a few. I agree that what they do is very inhuman and just hands down sickening, but that’s not…

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One thought on “Whites vs. Blacks all over again

  1. I didn’t watch either. I have seen enough of this kind of rubbish during a long life. We cannot imagine this just to be a modern issue, though it is fuelled by the Internet and social media in a way we might never have foreseen.
    Since the time that the first Crusaders left for Jerusalem, it has burned its way into the hearts of societies on both sides of the world. Sadly, I can see no end to it.
    Regards, Pete.

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